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Hi, Hello and welcome to my "organicisthebeauty". Today, i am going to share a simple and powerful solution for the following ailments at the lowest cost.

Let's get started..

PCOS is a condition which affects the hormone levels in women which causes.,

* Irregular Menstruation

* Infertility

* Thyroid


* Sleep issues

* Weight gain

* headaches

* Liver diseases

* Abdominal pain

All the above problems the cause is the life style disorder, stress, worries, diet and so on....

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How to use: Easy-Peasy

Take a 50 ml of warm water put 1 tsp of Caesalpinia Bonducella(Kalarchikai) powder then Mix well..

Note: Consume this drink for at least 48 days to see the changes. Then leave it for 10 days and again consume this drink.

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Hope, my "organicisthebeauty" blog is useful for everyone. Please, try it out and let me know how it works. Tell me in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe. Stay tuned for more..

It is purely based on my personal experience. If there's a product i am using that, i know you will love. I definitely share it with you.

Be healthy & Happy


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