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Golden Glow Set - Jullaaha

Welcome Back to my page. So, I literally got this Golden Glow Set from Jullaaha.

I love using this hamper. They have 30-Days Glowing Skin Challenge which I recently tried and my skin love this Golden Glow Set skin care products!

Surprisingly, the brand makes 100% Chemical free Ayurvedic Personal Care Products.

Golden Glow Set contains of -- 💆‍♀️Goat Milk & Jojoba Bathing Bar 💆‍♀️100% Pure Rose Water 💆‍♀️Golden Glow Oil 💆‍♀️Aloe Vera Saffron Gel 💆‍♀️Face Pack

Golden Glow Set Benefits --

💆‍♀️Goat Milk & Jojoba Bathing Bar - Age old goat milk and honey remedy that helps to lighten, soothe and moisturize to bring fairer healthy skin. The body butters together nourish from within.

💆‍♀️100% Pure Rose Water - Helps to reduce dark circles, It nourishes and hydrates the facial skin. Great Toner for everyday use.

💆‍♀️Golden Glow Oil - Heals skin, improves Complexion, helps in Treating skin disease, soothes skin, Improves skin tone, Acts as a healing agent, Gives a glowing skin, treats various skin disorders, and reduces the dryness of the skin.

💆‍♀️Aloe Vera Saffron Gel - Made with 95% aloe vera juice, this gel gently seals moisture into skin fro a longer lasting effect. Helps to protect skin from pollution, dirt and dryness, leaving it smooth and supple. An effective moisturizer for oily / problems prone skin, Gel can be used as an after sun gel and soothes after waxing and shaving.

💆‍♀️Face Pack - Gives Instant glow, Refreshing and radiant.

I am using it for about 20-days, I love the visible glowing face, radiant, and clear skin. Very effective and gentle masks, cleanses are. Brightening dark spots and exfoliating your Pores. Also it is equivalent to homemade products (Organic).

Jullaaha guarantees a visible improvement on your face within 30-Days of regularly using these products. You should also take this challenge and let me know your comments.

You can get a 10% Discount by using my code: ORGANICBEAUTY on their website:

Pamper you skin with the jullaaha_boutique Golden Glow Set skin care treatment products.

Keep Glowing


Alix Maza
Alix Maza

This sounds promising! I've never heard of this brand, but new skincare items are my jam.


Helen Gaillet Bailey
Helen Gaillet Bailey

I've never heard of this brand but it sounds great! I am totally going to check it out.


Lecy | A Simpler Grace

I've never heard of this brand before, but it sounds lovely. I enjoy trying new products!

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