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Spinz Fantasy Talc Review

Bringing in summer with the latest Fantasy Talc launched by Spinz from the house of CavinKare.

Today, my post is about Spinz Fantasy Talc Review. The talc helps control excessive sweating and nourishes the skin with its cooling properties. Made from the extracts of sweet Amber Flush rose. I love the fragrances of Amber Flush rose. The moment I opened the case and smelled it, the fragrance is truly exotic. The fragrance is totally floral and slightly sweet. The smell is overpowering and it will remain with you by the end of the day.  The best part is even though the smell is gone and if you sweat, the smell will come into picture again. It doesn’t leave a white wash so you can use as much as you like

The Amber Flush rose renowned for its intense citrus scent is blended with Brightening powder in the talc to provide freshness, fragrance and radiant for all day long. Packed in elegant hues of white and yellow, the intoxicating fragrant talc has a White floral and musky scent as its top notes which dry down to zesty and woody base of Oak Moss and Musk.

The self life is 2 years so you can stack them up if you want. Overall I love the fragrance and those who love flowers should definitely try this.

Try it and definitely you will love it.

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