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Mad Hippie Advanced Skincare - Nature Flower Punch

Have you guys tried cleansing your face with oils! But, I do. This won't breakouts your skin or looks oily. Instead, it makes your skin soft, clear and moisturized. With the help of those products "Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil" & "Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil"

Mad Hippie, products are based on Genuine flower power, natural Antioxidants & active essentials work hand in hand to liberate the skin from signs of aging. By leaving out harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color & fragrance, Mad Hippie helps your skin achieve true harmony. 🌿

Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil - Make peace with your inner hippie while hydrating & protecting....Our preservative-free antioxidant oil is truly the most natural way to moisturize.

Ingredients : 🌿 Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa) 🌿Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica Granatum) 🌿Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus) 🌿Cranberry Fruit Extract (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) 🌿Pomegranate Extract (Punica Granatum) 🌿Blueberry Extact (Vaccinium Angustifolium) 🌿Strawberry Fruit Extract (Fragaria Vesca) 🌿Kiwi Extract (Actinidia Chinensis) 🌿Watermelon Fruit Extract (Citrullus Vulgaris) 🌿Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinifera) 🌿Raspberry Seed Extract (Rubus Idaeus) 🌿Camu Camu Fruit Extract (Myrciaria Dubia) 🌿Acai Fruit Extract (Euterpe Oleracea) 🌿Goji Extract (Lycium Barbarum) 🌿Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract (Hippophae Rhamnoides) 🌿Hemp Seed Extract (Cannabis Sativa) 🌿Broccoli Extract (Brassica Oleracea Italica) 🌿Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus Sinensis) 🌿Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

What "Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil" does to me?

  • Softens skin

  • Reduced dry skin

  • Absorbs quickly into the skin

  • Has a mild, natural fresh scent

Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil 8 Actives - Gently removes makeup and impurities from your skin, leaving it clean and silky soft.

Ingredients :

🌿Organic Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower),

🌿Seed Oil (High Linoleic),

🌿Squalane (vegan),

🌿Organic Rosa Canina (Rose) Fruit Oil,

🌿Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract,

🌿Organic Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil,

🌿Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil,


🌿Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Extract,

🌿Steam Distilled Citrus Aurantifolia Extract

What "Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil 8 Actives" does to me?

  • Removes makeup quickly

  • Skin moisturized

  • Softens skin

  • Absorbs quickly into the skin

  • Has a mild, natural fresh scent

It’s time to let your inner mad hippie out and try those product!

Be Nature Friendly


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Tiffany Harrison
Tiffany Harrison
Aug 06, 2019

Sounds like a great product. The packaging is so cute. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

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